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 Jack Oldham Textiles LtdIndustrial Wiper Rags and Polishing Cloths

Our Wiper Cloths

6 Kilo pack of white 100% cotton T-shirt fabric


These are our premier polishing and wiping cloths, manufactured from 100% Cotton single knit fabric. These wipers are cut from brand new virgin cloth to a size of 45cm x 45cm. These are suitable for any application where a soft absorbent cloth is essential.

7 Kilo pack of 100% coloured cotton t shirt fabric


one of our most popular wiping and polishing cloths. Used in a wide variety of industries, inc printing, car valeting, engineering, cleaning companies, garages, and gas and oil industries ect. Cut to a size of 45cm x 45cm approx. 

7 Kilo pack of  White cotton Toweling


Widely used in the engineering and manufacturing sector for cleaning liquid spills such as oil and chemicals, cut in-house into squares, a very absorbent wiper suitable for a wide range of wiping and polishing applications. Cut to a size of 45cm x 45cm approx.

7 Kilo Bag of  White cotton sheeting squares

Strong soft lint free and super absorbent cotton sheeting squares.  A premium quality wiper used in  engineering, powder coating, painting, and for cleaning machinery in the food industry.

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